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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Warren meets... Tommy Rowe

As a budding Sports Journalist, the more interviews you do, the easier it gets.  Pre-season is a time when the bigger sides bring the bigger players down and, after a bit of arm twisting I got to have a few words with Peterborough United's number 14, winger, Tommy Rowe.

WL: Tommy, you began your career at Manchester United. As a United fan, that must have been a great experience for you?

TR: Yeah it was. Everyone's boyhood dream is to play for the club and at the time I was a massive United fan so yeah, it was a brilliant time for me.

WL: How was the experience there? Have any players you played with gone on to greater things?

TR: There's players that are still in the United squad; players like Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley, I played in the same team as them and they were fantastic so to see them doing so well I'm delighted for them.

WEL-CLEVER!: Both have played a part at United
WL: From there you went to Stockport County. It must have been brilliant for you being at such a young age and being able to play plenty of games and still being local.

TR: Yeah it was. It was closer to me than what United was so it was a decision that I could make and still stay around with my family and enjoy my football and at the same time they were some of the best years of my career so I'm very thankful to Stockport for their time.

Tommy during his Stockport days
WL: Soon after, they had financial difficulties and you soon moved to Peterborough where you've been for three seasons now, was it a difficult decision to move south?

TR: It was at first. With a young family at home it's always difficult to uproot them and take them away but it was a decision I made on a football basis and for my career at the time and thankfully it has shown me the right path right now.

WL: So how often do you return up north?

TR: I think the first year, I was going home quite often but as soon as you get settled in an area it's a once-a-month thing, not even that sometimes.

WL: You've now made over 100 appearances for Posh, was it hard to make that step up from League 1 to the Championship?

TR: Yeah, it's a massive step up. The quality is totally different but with a good squad and a good manager, it's easier for teams to develop and we've developed into a competitive Championship team so hopefully next season - it will be hard but it will also be enjoyable.

WL: Posh went up through the play-offs two seasons ago, you scored the opening goal in the final (against Huddersfield) at Old Trafford, that must have been a memorable moment?

TR: It was yeah! The best moment of my career most definitely. I always say it's a bit of luck but, you need that bit of luck sometimes and luckily it came for me.

THE GOALSCORERS: Rowe, centre, got the first
WL: Your brother Danny plays for Stockport at the moment. Can we expect to see him in the Football League sometime soon?

TR: Definitely. He's got the capabilities to play at the highest level, I've always said that. Mentally and physically, he's strong enough to play at any level. He just needs the right manager now to look after him like I was looked after at his age and it should see him develop.

WL: As you've said, you began at United, who was your footballing idol. I guess that as a left winger, a United fan it only goes to one man?...

TR: Yeah! Ryan Giggs at the time and he still is to be fair!

WL: So what happened off the field hasn't changed your view on him?!

TR: No, nothing! You take the right things out of his career, what he did right. He was brilliant as a footballer and he still is.  He's a great role model on the field. Off the pitch, I will look after myself and I should be OK!

IDOL: Giggs
WL: So we're back in pre-season now, are you a player that looks forward to getting back playing games and banter with the lads or do you dread the seemingly constant running that it has to offer?

TR: It screws! It's not nice getting fit again but we're professionals in sport so you've got to be professional about it and go about it the right way. It's important to get a load of games under your belt and important to do and play the best that you can. If you put 100% effort it now, it will stand you in good stead for the beginning of the season.

WL: Recently you've been playing left back, is that a position you'd like to take to a bit more or are you happy with your left wing position?

TR: I've always said I'll play anywhere so long as I get games under my belt, it's good for my develop which means that at left back or left wing I'll be happy to fill in.

Rowe (blue) battles with Alex John-Baptiste of Blackpool
WL: Which of Posh's new signings has impressed you the most?

TR: I wouldn't like to single any of them out. They've all been very good. We've had quite a few of them so it's been difficult to see individuals coming through but all of them have made massive impacts in training so yeah, it's been good.

WL: On today's game, how do you think it went for you (Lee Tomlin mocking TR!)

TR: Yeah, it went alright... Lee Tomlin's got a bad haircut! No, no, it was a good game but it was one of them where they've played four games before us so they were at nearly peak fitness so hopefully, the next game, with a few more minutes things will get better.

TOMLIN'S HAIRCUT: Good or bad? You decide!
WL: Finally, where can we expect to see Tommy Rowe in five years time?

TR: Hopefully, the highest level that I can. I'd like to be playing in the Premier League and I'd make that my ambition. It'd be quality to play at the highest level and in my eyes, where I want to be, the Premier League is where it is!

Me and Tommy
Many thanks to Tommy for his time and to Phil Adlam, the Peterborough United Media officer for sorting the interview out.

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